Monday, October 13, 2008

Passive Income

Money working for you.

You start to generate passive income when you begin investing money. Always remember, that you have to get to the point of generating passive income by firstly earning money, which you can secondly manage, and thirdly invest, to make passive income.
So this is income created by putting your money to work for you. Financial education precedes residual income. You may be getting that from seminars, books, mentors, someone that you know, maybe your parents if you’re lucky, real life, or even trial and error. Myself and other successful people can guarantee you that will be a big part of the process, trial and error! This is ongoing, from the time you become aware of the concept, and never stops. A large part of your education occurs while you’re working at your job earning the money that you’re going to send out to work for you. It’s a good time to do it. Someone else is footing the bill, you’re putting some money aside, and you have the extra time. You only have to work from 9 to 5, the rest of the time is yours. You have the weekend and evenings to attend seminars, read books, an generally get the education.
Putting your money to work for you requires that you actually have money to send out to work for you. That’s what residual income is. Taking the value that you’ve created and sending it out to work for you. There are ways of creating passive income without using your own money. I used some of them - but they are done through leveraging other assets, for example your expertise or your collateral. If you have to use something other than your own money you need more than a strategy you learned in a seminar. You need to have earned the right in the eyes of others to be able to use their money.
If you need someone else’s money to get yourself started, you have to ask yourself, who is going to interact with you if your life is in chaos? Who is going to interact with you if they can see, from the way you’re living your life, you don’t honor money or respect money? If you handle your own money poorly, you won’t be able to get others to lend you theirs no matter how brilliant your strategy is. For years and years I went through this. I had a great, brilliant strategy, and I couldn’t figure out why nobody would give me the money to get it going. Obviously, I didn’t have any of my own to put in it at that time, maybe that was part of the reason. Anyway, that’s passive income, sending your money out to work for you.
One other thing you can send out to work for you is your value, your expertise, what you’ve created from your education, what you have between your ears. If you can make that deal, find it and make it happen, go ahead and do it. If you’ve never done it before, you’re $50,000 in debt already, and they’re going to repossess your house, it’s going to be awful tough to make that deal come through. Remember the sales negotiation principle. If you are in this situation, you might want to focus on something a little more guaranteed.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The SpiderWeb System Rakes in the Cash in Zrii

This is Jeanette Broekman, writing to you from sumptuously gorgeous , and I want to talk to you about the advantage that The SpiderWeb Marketing System can give you in a company like Zrii. I personally don’t know a lot about Zrii. I’ve heard that it is a beverage that is supposed to be very good for you. But I do know that you can make a substantial income through its business op plan.

Now, I’m writing this about Zrii, but it applies to just about any product that requires sales to anyone. Which, is just about everything.

You may be looking into Zrii, or any other product, trying to figure out if it is the right business program to get you that expensive, shiny thing you’ve been dreaming of, or at least help pay the bills. You may have gotten into it a while ago, hit a flurry of enthusiastic buyers who quickly died out, and are now looking for ways to jump start your business. When I first joined network marketing, I became involved because I loved the idea of flexibility, I wanted to supplement my primary income, I desperately needed to do something other than my previous job, I had a desire to be my own boss.

The thing about Zrii right now, is that you are not only competing with others who are selling it in the same program as you, not to mention the natural market limitations of a product like Zrii, but you are also competing with thousands of well-established distributors of products like Xango and Tahitian Noni, whose products have been doing well on the market for years.
Even if there were a chance that Zrii could cure Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, you’e still going to have a hard time selling to the lady who just spent $400 on Noni and told the Xango guy to take a hike.

It’s a problem that most people in this industry run into. You need people to work with, and because so many other businesses have been scooping up the people you’re looking for, they can be hard to find. In my experience with MLM, I initially struggled because Company training was too expensive, I couldn’t stand cold calling, I didn’t know enough about the business to train anyone. You may have as well.

The SpiderWeb Marketing System can help you break through the limitations of network marketing. Basically, the SpiderWeb System is a lead generator. You need people to sell to, and the SpiderWeb System will help you find them. It is a networking system that will help you create relationships with other people who are looking for similar business opportunities. Best of all, you make money while you do it.

The SpiderWeb Marketing System is a system designed to integrate over twelve different sources of income. Through a fully-automated, free system that requires little effort, you can become the recipient of a steady income, while creating mutually advantageous business relationships that will be beneficial to your venture in Zrii.

The SpiderWeb Marketing System is a free way to develop your Zrii business, while making a substantial additional income. Having been in this business for years, I know how important it is to have successful marketing. Luckily, for me and for you, The SpiderWeb Marketing System is a great way to break through those struggles and increase your income, no matter what you are selling.

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Hang on to your seat because this article is about to shock you.

Prosperity Freedom Builder is unlike any of the "Next Great Internet MoneyMaking Ideas" However, It is safe to assume that most of you still are timid about this new program and will need to investigate it before you truly see it's beauty.

The question that you will all ask yourselves is "Will This System Work For Me?

I had the same question when I first began to research Kimball Roundy's system, I just could not believe the claims the system made could be true. Most of the products advertised on the web never live up to their hype, and there are always negative reviews regarding them, the Prosperity Freedom Builder is no different.

For argument sake I Will Compare it to The Reverse Funnel System. The Reverse Funnel System handles all of the normal hassle associated with internet marketing including: splash pages, the email auto responders, the advertising campaign tracking, and the merchant accounting.

You may think thats great right? What the RFS system does NOT do for you is

1. Generate Traffic
2. Generate Leads

All it does for you is give you a couple mediums in which YOU have to do all the advertising for.

Prosperity Freedom Builder takes care of absolutely everything, and I mean everything. This system handles all of the "normal hassle associated with internet marketing including: splash pages, the email auto responders, the advertising campaign tracking, and the merchant accounting" AND on top of that they provide you with the traffic that you need to build your business.

Let me explain to you how,

1.Most of you are losing money because of your marketing costs, aka Google Adwords. You are ALL paying way to much for your keywords. And I bet all the money you are spending advertising is going down the drain.

2.Here is the beauty of Prosperity Freedom Builder, They SET UP your very own Google Adwords account, With numerous campaigns and keywords that will cost you at most 20 cents a click. How Can You Beat That?

3.Last But Not Least, Once they set up your account, then you have knowledge about google adwords, which you can take with you.

Now, you may think that is wonderful, but there are many downsides to this.

Since Kimball Roundy is setting up the Google Adwords account for you, many of the same keywords are going to be spammed. Which might lower your results. This system is not for everybody, you will still have to manually promote the site for better results. However, the hassle of paying for high priced keywords is taken care of for you.

Another negative point, is that the system is fairly new. It has only been about 4 months since its creation. And like most new ventures there is risk involved.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Automated Internet Marketing Advice Blog

My site is an Internet Marketing Advice Blog, I will be posting articles and info about how to be more successful with your internet marketing efforts.

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